Types of Roof Windows

Types of Roof Windows

Fixed Roof Windows

Fixed roof windows, as the name suggests, are stationary and cannot be opened. They are designed primarily for the purpose of bringing in natural light and providing a view of the sky. These windows are ideal for spaces where ventilation is not a priority, such as attics, hallways, or rooms with other means of ventilation.


Ventilating Roof Windows

For spaces that require both natural light and proper ventilation, ventilating roof windows are the perfect solution. These windows can be opened to allow fresh air into the room, creating a pleasant and well-ventilated environment. Ventilating roof windows are often equipped with features like rain sensors and remote-controlled mechanisms for added convenience.


Skylight Tubes

Skylight tubes, also known as sun tunnels or light tubes, are a unique and innovative way to introduce natural light into areas where traditional windows may not be practical. These tubular structures capture sunlight from the roof and channel it down through a reflective tube, dispersing it into the room below. Skylight tubes are especially popular in spaces like closets, bathrooms, and small, dark hallways.


Flat Roof Windows

Flat roof windows are designed for modern, flat-roofed buildings and extensions. They offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic while allowing an abundance of natural light to enter the space. These windows can be fixed or ventilating, depending on the desired functionality. Flat roof windows are often used in contemporary architecture to create bright and open living areas.


Domed Roof Windows

Domed roof windows, also known as bubble or bubble dome skylights, feature a curved, dome-shaped design. The unique shape allows for a wider range of angles through which sunlight can enter, making them an excellent choice for maximizing natural light in various orientations. Domed roof windows are often used in commercial spaces, providing an attractive architectural element.


Roof windows come in a variety of styles and designs, each serving a specific purpose in enhancing the natural light and overall atmosphere of a space. Whether you're looking for a fixed window to brighten a hallway or a ventilating skylight to bring fresh air into a room, the diverse range of roof window options allows you to tailor your choice to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Explore the possibilities and transform your living spaces with the timeless beauty of natural light from above.

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