How to Remove Paint From Lintels

How to Remove Paint From Lintels

Along with maintenance and repairing, lintels might also require repainting to freshen up the aesthetics of a building. To ensure a high-quality job and provide a smooth finish, it is essential to remove any old paint before applying a fresh layer. 


There are different types of lintels according to the material they are made of, such as: 

  • Steel lintels 
  • Stone lintels 
  • Concrete lintels 


Each material absorbs paint differently, hence how you remove paint depends on the type of lintel you have. 


How to remove paint from steel lintels 

  • Steel lintels usually support the façade above a window, so it is essential they are well maintained. If the steel lintel shows signs of significant deterioration that could threaten the structural stability of a wall, it should be replaced completely. 
  • Old paint can be easily removed from steel lintels by scraping and, if necessary, wire brushing. A well-maintained lintel should be primed and painted to help prevent corrosion from outdoor elements. 


How to remove paint from stone lintels 

  • Stone lintels have a protective layer, called patina, accumulated after several years of exposure to the elements. When removing paint from stone lintels, it’s important to choose a method that does not destroy the protective callous. 
  • One preferred way of removing paint from stone lintels is through chemical softeners, followed by a high-pressure stone cleaning system. This will remove all traces of paint and prepare the area for a fresh coat. 


How to remove paint from concrete lintels 

  • When it comes to removing paint from concrete lintels, the most popular method is to scrape the loose paint as well as possible before removing the remaining colour with a paint stripper solution. 
  • Tradesmen recommend brushing the paint stripper onto the concrete lintel and let it sit for 24 hours for the paint to come off efficiently. 


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