How to Fix a Velux Window

How to Fix a Velux Window

When it comes to roof windows one name stands out – Velux Windows. As an industry leader, Velux designs innovative windows made to optimize daylight into a living space and specialises in a variety of roof windows including centre-pivot roof windows, top-hung roof windows, roof terraces, as well as electric and solar-powered roof windows. 


While Velux strives to meet customers’ expectations regarding the quality of their products, accidental or weather damages are sometimes inevitable. 


How to Fix a Velux Window 


When it comes to repairing roof windows, Velux presents a couple of advantages as they: 

  • offer 10 years guarantee on all roof windows 
  • ensure 25 years availability on spare parts 
  • can be repaired without having to replace the entire unit 


Velux Windows Not Opening 

  • If you have recently installed a Velux window and it can’t be opened anymore, it usually indicates a problem with the installation.   
  • Any Velux window installed by a Velux certified builder is guaranteed for 10 years which means that the installer must return to fix the problem. 
  •  Alternatively, there are companies with Velux Certified Installer status that can advise you on repair for the roof window. 
  •  It is recommended to use a Velux certified installer to ensure the work is performed to the highest standards and avoid faulty installations. 


Velux Windows Not Locking Properly 

  • There can be different causes for why Velux windows are not locking properly.  
  •  A common reason is that the magnet on the lock’s motor is missing. This issue can be easily fixed by fitting the magnet into the locking position. 
  •  Another reason for Velux windows not locking properly could be due to the lock not being in the correct position. If the lock is positioned downwards, it needs to be moved into the correct, upwards position. 


Excessive Condensation 

  • It is normal for condensation to form on roof windows. However, if the build-up is constant, it can lead to mould and damp which in the long run can damage the roof window. 
  • Velux windows are equipped with trickle vents that prevent condensation from building up. To keep the air filters clean, it is important to occasionally keep the roof windows open to ensure ventilation. Also, the air filters should be regularly cleaned from dust and grime. 


Mouldy Roof Window Frame 

Velux Windows are treated to resist mould growth; however, excessive condensation can facilitate mould build-up. As long as the structural integrity of the wood is not affected, surface mould can easily be treated, following these steps: 

  • Use a sterilizing agent to kill the mould and scrape it off the surface 
  • Clean the area with a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach 
  • Rinse the frame with clean water 
  • Once dried, rub the frames with a medium-grade sandpaper 
  • Repeat the steps as necessary until the mould is completely removed 
  • Coat the clean frame with a clear wood preservative 
  • Finish with paint or varnish as desired. 


Cracks or Chips in the Roof Window Glass 

Cracks or chips in the glass are common accidental damage to roof windows. These can be fixed, provided they are not too big: 

  • Clean the glass with dish soap and a soft cloth 
  • Apply a 2-part epoxy solution to the crack or chip with a putty knife 
  • Let it cure for 5 minutes, then remove the excess epoxy with a razorblade 
  • Finish by buffing the glass with window cleaner and a rag. 


If you have any doubts about how to fix a Velux Window, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will recommend a Velux certified installer in your area.