Fakro Flat Roof Non-Opening Non-Domed (DXF-D U6 Secure)

Fakro Flat Roof Non-Opening Non-Domed (DXF-D U6 Secure)

The DXF-D U6 Secure flat roof window complies with European 2nd anti-burglary class RC 2 N as per EN 1627. In addition, flat roof windows are distinguished with the highest impact resistance class SB 1200 according to EN 1873.

A specially profiled covering material under the drip cap of the frame facilitates the finishing of the window connection with the roof material. The flat roof modular rooflight can also be mounted on an additional base with a height of 15cm, which raises the window and allows installation e.g. in green or living roofs.

To ensure the flow of water from the glass surface of Fakro flat roof modular rooflights, they should be installed with a pitch of at least 2°.

Please note this is a Secure triple glazed fixed, non-opening modular rooflight & kerb. Installation of this type of window in the roof considerably enhances safety and anti-burglary resistance of the building.

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