IG L1/XHD 150 WOL Lintel

IG L1/XHD 150 WOL Lintel

Heavy Duty load wide inner leaf, for cavity widths 150-165mm.

For 150mm Wide outer leaf blockwork/stonework.

Lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction. Blockwork built tight against inner face of the lintel. Maximum overhang of 30mm on outer leaf. Place mortar bed on top of blockwork before floor units are laid to provide even distribution of load.

Manufactured length 150mm increments 600-1500 1650-1800 1950-2100
Height h 168 168 168
Thickness 3.2 3.2 3.2
Total UDL kN 3:1 45 45 50
Total UDL kN 19:1 40 40 40

Technical Information

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