IG I BEAM TJ Thin Joint Lintel

IG I BEAM TJ Thin Joint Lintel

For 200-300mm wall widths, Manufactured length in 150mm increments

For heavy duty loading conditions and 215mm solid wall construction. To achieve loading figures, lintel must be built in with block/brickwork as shown. The IBEAM TJ lintel range is available to suit 250 to 300mm wide walls e.g. specify IBEAM TJ 250, IBEAM TJ 300.

Designed for fast-track construction the thin joint lintel can be used as two separate lintels when the contractor chooses to build and complete the inner leaf of the building prior to starting the outer leaf.

Manufactured Length 150mm increments 600-1800 1950-2100 2250-3000 3150-4050 4200-4800
Height h 227 227 227 227 227
Thickness 2.5 2.5 2.9 3.2 3.2
Total UDL kN 19:1 45 40 40 40 35

Technical Information

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