IG Sun Lounge Lintels

IG Sun Lounge Lintels

It is universally recognised amongst home owners and house builders that a Sun Lounge is a more practical, user friendly room than a conservatory. Furthermore it is that a Sun Lounge floor area can be included in the overall measurement of your house size, adding much more value to your home.

A Sun Lounge Lintel is an easy way to add space at low cost when building a new house, or extending a property. An extra room rather than an add-on, a Sun Lounge is comfortable all year round while allowing you to watch the seasons come and go in comfort.

A Sun Lounge will blend with the existing appearance of your home. Its easy to construct, using materials similar to your house. Also it adds genuine floor space, it is structurally sound and adds value immediately.

 A Sun Lounge is more competitively priced than a conservatory, is more visually appealing, is easier to clean, and is not a bolt on “extra”.

  • Much better heat retention in winter.
  • Protection from the blazing summer sun.
  • Noise reduction associated with rainfall on a conservatory roof.

The construction of a Sun Lounge has been simplified by the introduction of an IG Lintel. It is a one piece unit which removes the need for local engineering, allows architects to design the Sun Lounge to suit the property, and will keep the cost sensible.

The IG Sun Lounge Lintel is designed and delivered ready for erection.

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