IG L1/E 75 Lintels

IG L1/E 75 Lintels

Standard Eaves Lintel, Suitable for cavity widths 70-85mm

L1/E lintels are designed to provide support over openings at eaves level. The eaves lintel has a shortened outer flange to allow the underside of the soffit board to be positioned tight against the window frame. It must be noted that brickwork cannot be built onto the outer flange of an eaves lintels. Masonry is built on the inner leaf only.

Manufactured length 150mm increments 600-1500 1650-2100 2250-2400 2550-2700
Height h 95 134 150 150
Thickness 2 2 2 2.6
Total UDL kN 19:1 18 20 22 25

Technical Information

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