IG Lintel Box 200

IG Lintel Box 200

IG Standard Load 200mm Box Lintels. Box lintels can be used for internal or external openings and with a variation of wall thicknesses. The IG box lintel has perforations along its length acting as a plaster key. As an optional extra IG box lintels can be insulated. The IG box lintel is designed to carry the full load of wet masonry as soon as it is installed.

Used to support openings in 215mm wide walls. Lintels may be propped to facilitate speed of construction.

The flange of the BOX 200 is designed to support a nominal masonry load only up to a maximum of 3kN per metre run. Used to support openings in 215mm wide walls.

Manufactured length 150mm increments 600-1500 1650-2100 2250-2400 2550-2700 2850-3600 3750-4200 4350-4800
Height h 150 150 150 150 215 215 215
Thickness 1.6 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 2.5
Total UDL kN 15 30 25 20 30 25 20

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