Catnic CG70/125 Cavity Wall Lintels

Catnic CG70/125 Cavity Wall Lintels

Catnic committed to offering brand leading steel lintels to suit any size, shape, length, breadth and depth of doorway, archway, window and aperture.


  • Easy-to-use open back profiles:- Allows masonry to be built up continuously on both outer and inner leaf.
  • Materials used in lintels:- The CG, CH and CX ranges are formed from galvanised steel then powder coated
  • Duplex corrosion protection:- Ensures optimum durability and longevity
  • Built-in DPC:- Saves time in construction and means cavity is easy to clean without risk of damage to DPC
  • Integral Plaster Key:- With staggered slots applied to the inner flange and ribbed underside of insulation (perforated steel baseplate on CH and CX range)
  • Continuous Insulation:- Maximising thermal efficiency, minising cold bridging


  • Triangulated masonry load
  • Supporting uniformly distributed masonry load
  • Supporting uniformly distributed timber floor and roof loads
  • Suitable for fair faced inner leaf masonry

Catnic CH70/125 Heavy Duty Cavity Wall Lintels Catnic CX70/125 Extra Heavy Duty Cavity Wall Lintels

Standard Lengths (mm) 750-1200 1350-1800 2100-2400 2700-3000
SWL (kN) 12 17 20 26
Weight (kg/m) 6.33 7.95 9.18 13.07
Nominal height h (mm) 140 140 180 220

Technical Information

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