Celotex FI5000 Insulation

Celotex FI5000 Insulation

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Celotex FI5000 is a premium performance flooring insulation solution, suitable for a range of flooring applications including concrete slab, beam and block, suspended timber and underfloor heating applications.

  • Board size: 1200 x 2400mm
  • Thickness : 75 - 125mm
  • Lambda: 0.021 W/mK
  • Facer: Innovative Composite Facer with built-in VCL

Celotex FI5000 provides thermal performance benefits and has been designed with installation efficiency in mind. Featuring a super low lambda of 0.021W/mK, FI5000 achieves compliance to UK Building Regulations with better U-values and thinner solutions.

Celotex FI5000 combines best in class PIR insulation with an innovative composite facer featuring a built-in vapour control layer (VCL), enabling direct screed, without the need for an additional separating layer. FI5000 features an enhanced compressive strength value of ≥175 kPa making it the ideal solution for a range of flooring applications.

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