Woodpecker Arundel Plank Floors

Woodpecker Arundel is a premium grade floor using only the highest quality material in both native and exotic species. The difference between Arundel and other floors is the specification of the materials used.

The birch ply core is FSC certified, it is also WBP (Water Boiled Proof) and CP/CP certified. FSC is also available for all the top layers at an additional cost.

Arundel floors have a 22m thickness with a 7mm wear layer on a 15mm birch ply core as above. Each plank is 180mm in width and up to 2000mm long. Each board has a tongue and groove joint and due to the stability of the boards it is possible to nail, stick down, or float the floor depending on the requirements of the installation.

You can choose whether to have the floor with or without bevels, unfinished or pre finished with either a UV cured lacquer or natural oil to give you the look and character that you require.

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