Woodpecker Goodrich Herringbone Floors

The development of a herringbone engineered floor with a glueless locking joint means that you can now enjoy a timeless style and design at the fraction of the cost of the solid wood equivalent.

This floor is floated and can be fitted by any competent installer very quickly at a fraction of the cost previously required!

The floor is treated with a specially developed anti scratch lacquered finish containing nanoparticles, which increases resistance to minor scratches and keeps the floor looking new for longer! This finish looks like an oiled floor, but enjoys all the low maintenance benefits of a lacquered floor.

Because this floor is so unusual we dont hold it in stock – however, if you are looking for a floor thats sure to impress, it is more than worth the wait. When ordering this floor a 30% deposit will be required. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery from the date of your confirmed order.

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