Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro

Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro

Fairstone Sawn Versuro is an ethically sourced, fine grained Quartzitic sandstone from India. The lightly sandblasted and brushed finish of the visibly smooth sawn surface gives a modern, stylish and elegant feel to any patio or pathway.

The stone is carefully hand selected for colour and precision sawn to ensure speed and accuracy during installation as well as a clean, sleek finish to your paved area.

The four subtle colours of Fairstone Sawn Versuro Garden Paving will co-ordinate with any design scheme as well as blend in perfectly with the natural environment, adding both prestige and value to your property.

Fairstone Sawn Versuro is available in a wide variety of single sizes and an 11.3m2 project pack to create a completely individual aesthetic.

  • Fairstone Sawn Versuro has a visably smooth surface with a lightly sandblasted and brushed finish
  • The carefully hand selected product will add prestige to your property
  • Fairstone Sawn is an ethically sourced Sandstone from India
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